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Michele P Brooklyn, 37

I am a 37 year old who struggles with weight, anxiety, motivation and most recently infertility, put that on a dating website and see how many matches you get. I met Shauna years ago and she has never ceased to amaze me. The age difference between us is large approximately ten years give or take. Shauna is an old soul, wise beyond her years with the calming effect your Nanny has on you. She is truly a gift and has been such a positive influence in my life I never take her for granted.

When Shauna began her journey as a wellness coach I knew this was her calling, there is nothing more perfect for her. She helps people even when she isn’t trying and now that she is making it her life work I know anyone that works with her will be forever changed. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for over two years to no avail. I finally caved to the pressure and went to a fertility clinic. The clinic I chose was just not the right fit for me and after three rounds of IUI, over $10,000 in medical bills (that is with insurance), many many tears, and a marriage near the brink of the end due to it I felt lost and broken. I reached out to Shauna because I knew she had started this journey but also because my soul was crushed and I needed her positive vibes and her loving gentle spirit. I didn’t think she was going to fix me and two days later I was going to be knocked up but I needed her.

I reached out to Shauna and she immediately emailed, called and text me back. I think she could tell I was in a bad way she is just very in tune, not just to me but to everyone. We discussed what I was going through and we set up a Skype session. I remember sitting on my bed with the computer in front of me crying to her and just feeling so lost. She was my light in what I will now refer to as the darkest time of my life. I felt like a bad wife, a bad friend, a bad person. I had become so self involved and all I could think about was having a baby. Giving my husband this connection that he yearns for (He is adopted and just wants a connection in this world). Shauna talked to me for over an hour. We discussed having intentions and what that means. This small phrase she gave to me changed my life. She said “Just set your intentions for the day and then you no longer have to feel guilty about anything you do” She said if you feel like sitting on the couch all day then make that your intention and do it. On the flip side she said if your intentions for the day were to cook dinner clean the house and get stuff done and you sat on the couch all day then there is reason to not be happy with your actions. I always felt guilty no matter what I felt as though I was never doing enough but now I set my intention for that day and I stick to it. I allow myself to take a day off from working out without the guilt. I allow myself to have a day where I lay like broccoli all day, but I also hold myself accountable when I don’t do what I say I am going to do. My relationship with myself has grown exponentially with this one small change. I like myself more because I allow myself to be imperfect while still loving myself.

Shauna and I discussed my eating habits and they were not the best. I was a vegan who no longer drank, I had made that change about ten months earlier. I know that sounds healthy but I was eating mass amounts of soy products and vegan cheeses made from who knows what and I probably would have been better off eating cement. Seriously. We spoke about cooking at low temperatures and not burning food. She also taught me to cook with coconut oil and use olive oil for drizzling. Nothing she set before me was a set of rules but suggestions and with every suggestion she explained to me the reason behind it. She never just said do this with no reasoning. We spoke about fertility and the foods and habits which would be essential to helping my body be in the best place possible to conceive.

Shauna gave me some book suggestions and some supplement suggestions. She took a very beginner approach which I liked and she did not want me going out spending a fortune. The next day after the Skype session she sent me an email going over what we spoke about with some suggestions. I have changed my eating habits. I ditched the vegan cheese, I shop organic, I take vitamins, I sleep more, and above all else I am kinder to myself. Shauna has made me realize that I need to love myself and honor myself and in due time all good things will come. I am not yet pregnant but I am okay with that because I am no longer OBSESSED with it anymore. Shauna showed me that it didn’t make me a bad wife or person because I couldn’t conceive, she taught me to love myself with all my flaws. I now embrace the things I used to try to run from. I am so blessed and lucky to have Shauna with me on this journey and who knows maybe I will never have a baby Maybe my journey is to adopt and help a baby that would not have the chances I will be able to give, how amazing would that be. No matter what my journey is I know down the road I will have a child and I won’t feel guilty or sad about any of it. I will only feel joy bc what a beautiful life we all have the chance to live, I can thank Shauna for helping me see that.

Brooke O, San Diego, CA – 23

Shauna is an absolute light. I had the pleasure of working with her via Skype and was so pleased to have had such an intimate conversation with this person who had just moments before been a stranger. Her positive energy is contagious and her compassion is so clearly genuine. It’s very apparent that she loves every bit of the work she does helping her clients nutritionally, mentally, and spiritually. Shauna was both nurturing and receptive while providing me the encouragement to devote more time toward self-care by focusing on nutrition first and foremost.

Jessica B, New Jersey, 31

After having known Shauna for nearly ten years, I can truly say that she has a contagious spirit. The energy that she brings into every room that she enters is infectious. She is someone you can always count on for guidance and encouragement. Her health and wellness journey has been a true inspiration to all of the people around her and I would highly encourage that you seek her services, if you want someone who is positive and understanding, but also stands firmly in her knowledge.  She has cultivated an understanding of the body, gut health, and overall mindfulness that is a foolproof way to obtain personal health and wellness. Shauna will help you radiate from the inside out, in the same way that she does.

Shannon P, 28, Long Island, NY

I’ve had the privilege of watching Shauna’s nutritional journey progress and I have to say I have never seen someone’s passion grow the way hers has. It all started with an interest for health and nutrition and almost overnight grew into a full-blown obsession. She engorged herself in the subject and started to realize not only did she love learning about it, but that she wanted to spread her new learned knowledge to everyone and anyone interested in hearing it. She was so passionate about this that she knew this needed to become her career and she decided this will now be her life goal – to help others and “spread the light” inside of her so that others could see the same light in them! And that is exactly what she is doing. She is an inspiration to me and I value everything she has taught me. She is the true definition of a health and wellness coach and  I am truly blessed to have watched this all unfold.