A celebrity nutritionist's guide to staying happy and healthy during the holidays!

  My Soul Wellness Glow Smoothie is my secret weapon to weight loss, clear skin and slow aging. It helps to

  I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with super woman, Candace McDonald. We covered a lot in a short

Join us on an all-inclusive wellness retreat

My first year as a holistic nutritionist, coach, influencer, and entrepreneur. What I've learned and plan for the future

A journal entry on finding my soul on day three of a yoga retreat

Five ways to finally make yourself a priority and be happy

I like to think of myself and as a hippie who drinks rosé.  While I lean on my day-to-day holistic approach, I

That time I "shook" up my workout at West Hollywood's PLATEFIT

These days it seems like everyone is doing some type of detox. Normally when I see things trending in the wellness

There are certain things in life that exude a level of luxury. Fabrics, certain designs, simplicity, understated anything, and scents.

Easy ways to stay healthy, happy, and grounded no matter where you're traveling to

Fat is back. It’s my favorite. I have never been able to go so long without eating while maintaining my

Yes, plant based protein is a thing! This is something that is becoming more known, and I'm hearing less of

I love to travel. Exploring new places lights me up. What's even more exciting to me is planning and researching-

I've been to DC twice in my life the first was when I was 17, and the second was during

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