Written by:  Shauna Faulisi Most of us are managing a balancing act of our lives and the idea of setting time

Buffets. The sight off all that food at once warrants the heart eyes emoji. The swarms of people around the

Image by: @yumnaaa for Lonely Lingerie The Method Tuition: Free Dates: January 7th - January 11th Location: Online Instructor: Shauna Faulisi This program isn’t about

This no-bake paleo pie is a very subtle and pleasant substitute for the other sugary pies you’ll find at the

Written by Shauna Faulisi for Generation Rescue.   Not everyone is going to understand your family’s dietary restrictions and food allergies — but

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Last month, on our wellness retreat in Portugal we spent one of the days touring (and tasting) at a local

A quick, antioxidant pack breakfast

As a society, we are busier than ever! As a holistic nutritionist and celebrity chef, many of the clients I work

A celebrity nutritionist's guide to staying happy and healthy during the holidays!

My day-to-day in Michi

Four ways to start minimizing and get happy

My cornerstone to being stress-free

The Glow Smoothie is our secret weapon to daily eating.  It helps to regulate hormones (hello clear skin, better periods,

For the conscious and sexy

Probiotics are the cornerstone to a healthy, happy life. Here's why!

The world of non-toxic skincare is on fire! More and more brands are making their way into the luxury sector

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