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21 Day Nutrition IRL Self-Guided PDF


21 Day Nutrition IRL Self-Guided PDF

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This 20 page guide is designed for you to make yourself a priority for 21 days with a different focus every week. It can be used as a reset, kickstart, and/or rebalance of your nutrition and wellness game. Inside are 22 grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and delicious recipes with a major emphasis of vegetables.

This guide was carefully designed to support energy levels, clear skin, slow aging, and weight balancing. If you’re anxiety + stress prone these foods will help with some of those symptoms. This guide is not vegan but can easily be made vegan by removing the meat. Pair this guide with coaching sessions and/or upgrade the experience by purchasing the assisted version to have 1:1 calls with Shauna to ask questions as you go.

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