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A real life approach to help you reach your wellness goals while still living a full, happy life.


We know you’re busy, we know you’re traveling, and we know you like to have fun!


This eight week program is tailored to your lifestyle to help you reach your specific wellness goals. With a holistic approach to wellness, food, and movement, we’ll help you create your personalized method to feel amazing from the inside out.



two bi-weekly 40 min 1:1 sessions with Shauna

two bi-weekly 20 mins 1:1 sessions with Shauna

Unlimited emails for feedback and to answer questions

Soul Wellness House Rules Guide


Spark weight loss, clear skin, and slow aging through hormone balancing

Eating + living with mindfulness

Reducing inflammation in the body

Knowledge around food choices

Focus on creating a daily routine

Curb sugar cravings

Work through triggers and blocks

Gain deeper sleep

Stress management



Brides | Grooms | Wedding Party

 A curated program designed to get you ready to feel and look your best by the big day 

• An emphasis on weight loss and clear skin 

• Current workout and movement assessment

• Schedule of meals and workouts

• Meal plan and recipes provided

• Bi-Monthly meetings | FaceTime/Skype or in-person for LA residents

• Unlimited emails/texts for feedback and to answer questions

Packages Available. Please Inquire:


Options Below

• Local Day-To-Day Support | LA or in other cities

• Create weekly meal plan
• Guidance with nutrition when traveling
• Research restaurant options in desired locations
• Guidance with supplements
• If needed, ordering of supplements, to-go containers, or any other items to set client up for success
• Weekly check-in, via FaceTime, phone
• Unlimited availability via text
• Grocery shopping support
• In-person and/or FaceTime meeting 1x per week
• In-store food shopping 1x per week
• Meal prep 1x a week.
• Food & Kitchen organization
• Kitchen set up at homes
• Option to travel

Please Inquire:


More services from us

• Follow up coaching calls with existing + previous clients

• Nutrition Consultations

• Menu consulting

• Travel set-up: Meal & snack delivery pre-trip | Menu assessment for dining out

• Private assessment of current foods in the home or office

• Private health food store tour

• Group health food store tour for your office or family 

• Stock the home or office kitchen 

• Meet for a hike or workout

• Travel with you or your family to tend to individual dietary needs

• Corporate Wellness

• Events | Appearances & hosting

Nation and worldwide coaching is available via email, phone, and Skype. In-house and in-office meeting are available in Los Angeles

Please inquire for service and travel rates: