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Written by:  Shauna Faulisi

Most of us are managing a balancing act of our lives and the idea of setting time aside for some self-care seems idyllic.

These days, I’m finding it challenging to even fully embrace my already minimal makeup routine. I have now allocated stop-light time to doing my brows. True story. 

I have this fantastic fantasy (that *will* come true one day) that I’ll have standing appointments for all things self-care.  But in the meantime, here’s some variation of what self-care appointments look like:

Checking Maps to see when I have to leave my current location based on traffic. Sitting in traffic. Arriving to the destination only to circling around for 10-15 minutes to find parking (now I’m late btw). Paying for parking (now I’m an additional minute late). Arriving to appointment frazzled. Leaving appointment happy. Sitting in traffic. Frazzled again. And then finally making it home.  

I’m happy to report that there is a better way.

House calls…

But first, a little history on house calls:

Back in the day, when  healthcare was personalized and intimate, house calls were the norm. Over time, the medical  industry began shifting to a different business model that made the practitioner/patient relationship relatively obsolete, and instead, fueled by how appointments can be the most profitable. Eventually, house calls faded out because most practitioners needed to change with the times to continue supporting their business and families. However, some practitioners rejected that business model and decided to run their practice as they pleased. Kudos to them, but house calls became unattainable for most. 

Unfortunately, not much has changed in this system, but there are companies disrupting the system. One of them being WLNSS. 

WLNSS is an app bringing  speciality wellness treatments to your home at a relatively affordable price. This highly concierge + personalized service allows the user to be completely removed from unnecessary logistics.

The app couldn’t have a more pleasant user experience. All that’s required from the user is an address, appointment time, and credit card info. And if you’re feeling extravagant — you can add cupping, and ear seeds (coming soon) with your acupuncture appointment, or B12, and  Glutathione shots to your IV Drip.

WLNSS APP UX Interface

Before a two week trip to Israel,  I had Registered Nurse, Sveen come over to administer the Glow IV.  I liked Glow because of the thoughtful list of immunity boosting, nourishing, and gut-supporting ingredients. My goal was to prevent illness, and let’s be honest, to look really good. The list of ingredients include Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex, Magnesium, Biotin, + Glutathione. An all-arounder that supported everything I was going for.

When I returned to the states I had WLNSS come back over to recalibrate my system. Travel is always taxing on the body, and the sudden joly back into the day-to-day can be extremely stressful. I had an acupuncturist, Veronica come over  and we had a thorough chat about my current condition. 

Her acupuncture points were carefully administered with thought and care to address my stress levels, lower energy, poor circulation,  and my recent experience with dry-eyes that’s left me even more sensory-sensitive than ever. And after a look at my tongue, Veronica mentioned some inflammation showing up in my body.  Like I said, travel is taxing on the body!

The needles were in, V put some music on, I gave her a book to read, and we chilled. It’s my belief that 20% of acupuncture’s benefits come from the quiet time while you wait. And relaxing in the comfort of your own home is a dream. I never slept better that night.

Both experiences with WLNESS were a pleasure, and left my body feeling amazing. Download the app, skip the traffic, and wave goodbye to your practitioner from your own front door.

How To Book:

Download the app here, enter your info,  pick your date, change into chill clothes from the comfort of your own home.


Use code: SOULWELLNESSMETHOD20 for $20 off your booking

Shauna Faulisi | so much to do, so little time

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