7 Ways To Stay Healthy At A Buffet

Buffets. The sight off all that food at once warrants the heart eyes emoji. The swarms of people around the food wanting to try a little bit of everything. There’s a rushed pace to the room, and the smells are pleasantly overwhelming.

But we know better. This is the time to take a deep breath (even three). This is where our morning practice really comes in handy. If you practice the Soul Wellness Daily Digital Detox in the morning, your mind and body are already calm. You’ve had 30 minutes to yourself without distraction, noise, and influence from the outside world. Your energy is centered, your soul is content.

Depending where you’re traveling and staying, or who the host is, sticking to Soul Wellness eating principles can be really easy or *really* hard. I’m currently writing this from Vila Monte in The Algarve in Portugal where the breakfast buffet is a dream come true. Here are favorite ways to stick to Soul Wellness Method eating principles when encountering a hotel buffet (or any buffet).

1. Set yourself up for success

I mentioned this earlier — a morning practice is EVERYTHING. Stay off your phone and leave the TV off for the first 30 minutes of your day. In my book, mornings are sacred. Our minds are the most open to new impressions in the AM. Taking 30 minutes to be with your own mind, thoughts, and emotions will change your entire day. Ignore emails from work and brands, ignore what your favorite influencer is wearing even if they enjoy free instagram followers and it has supported their growth, and ignore the fear-based news — not forever, just for 30 minutes. It’s not worth the reaction it fosters in us.  Try this practice for a week and watch the shift from reactive to proactive happen in your life.

Bonus: adopt a journaling and/or gratitude practice during your 30 minutes to really elevate your quiet morning time.

2. Arrive + Thrive

Set your things down and order your morning beverage. Sit for a moment with your tea, hot water, +/or coffee. Enjoy your beverage while soaking in your surroundings. It’s really fun to people watch in new places. I love hearing different accents and languages, I love watching families with their children, and I especially love watching the local staff do their thing. There’s a lot to take in, and vacation is all about slowing down. Enjoy the new surroundings.

*One could apply this to any setting — home, restaurant, party etc.

3. Forage

Before you grab any food, do a lap. It’s important to see the options before you make any decisions. You’ll get to see your options and decide what foods will support your goals for that day, in addition to your long-term goals.

4. The Smaller The Better

Skip the large plate and opt for the small plates. Studies show that smaller plates allow for us to eat smaller options. As humans we like to see abundance, so if we can fulfill that on a smaller plate, instead of a large plate we’re already one step ahead. You can always go back for seconds.

5. Order Of Operations

You know I love my greens. When it’s possible, above-ground leafy vegetables are always the way to go. Next is fat, look for avocado, nuts, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, fatty fish like salmon and anchovies. Protein is important but shouldn’t be the main attraction — stick to a fist-size amount of your favorite protein.

6. Gluten Free Is The Way To Be — But Be Careful

Be careful of process GF foods like crackers, breads, and pastas. Many times, their ingredients spike out blood sugar higher than regular grains. Tapioca, potato starch, and GF grain-flours are ones to avoid. Of course, if you are indulging and wanting some comforting carbs, go for it! But note how they make your body feel energetically and how they might alter your mood.

7. Curb Your Appetite

If you’re eating at a buffet later in the day, the trick is to never show up hungry. When out blood sugar drops, it becomes difficult to not get swept into the energy and cacophony that comes with large groups of people around food. Our biology is designed ot keep us alive, and we have a very different reaction around food when we’re starving. Bring low-carb, low-sugar bars with you while you travel — Primal Kitchen (10% off with code below), Bulletproof, and Hemplete are our favorites. Individual protein powders added to water a great as well. When in doubt have a half of avocado or hard boiled egg. Dairy isn’t our favorite, but a full-fat yogurt will do the trick.

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