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The Method

Tuition: Free

Dates: January 7th – January 11th

Location: Online

Instructor: Shauna Faulisi

This program isn’t about fluffy wellness verbiage and practices. It’s about the beginning of a deep love affair with yourself. One that will last. It’s about giving your body foods that make you feel sexy, and about moving in ways that make you feel powerful — and maybe even sensual. It’s about training that inner voice to stop putting you down and to be your best friend. It’s about setting time aside that puts your soul in a position to hear itself. It’s about scheduling activities that make you feel alive. And it’s about having the courage to connect and be vulnerable with others.

I’ve designed this program to put you in a position of power. To raise your vibration in this new year and to help you realize how dynamic you are. You know that person you see yourself as in 5-10 years? Well, that person is already here waiting for you. By letting her wait you’re letting her down. Stop that.

For the first time ever, we’re introducing our six pillars to the public. AKA our Method. By making this information available to the public, we know we’re in line with our mission — to help others connect to who they know they are deep in their soul.

I’ve decided to make this program free because I believe in the power of community. This is content that I share with my private clients for $1000 – $2000 per month. It’s powerful. My mentors and close friends have urged me not to do free programs because of the credibility I’ve made for myself. Sure, I’ve been featured in Vogue, worked with high-profile celebrities, and hundreds of men and women around the world, but we haven’t worked with you yet and I know it’s time. I feel at peace offering this program for free because I genuinely believe you’re ready.

Now it’s in your hands. It’s up to you to decide if you want to be apart of this program. If you’re willing to get honest and clear the blocks that are holding you back, now is the time. You’ll know if it’s right for you. All I ask is that you respect our time and energy and do the same for yourself.

What To Expect

These five days are about slowing down and getting inside your heart to making your soul shine. We’ll achieve this by focusing on one pillar a day in our private Facebook group. We’ll post daily videos, recipes, suggestions, and answer questions. Our private group will be a place where you can support and connect with one another. Maybe you’ll exchange recipes, find a support buddy, or make new friends whom you’ll cross paths with one day.

I want these five days to be filled with lighting a candle for yourself, listening to music, and feeling regal — put that figurative crown on.. Or a real one if it helps.

We’ll be capping registration at 100 people.

What We Expect

We know you have work, priorities, and stresses in your life — but we’re urging  you to compartmentalize these responsibilities when you sit down to focus on The Method. We want your time dedicated to this program to feel like a sexy, solo vacation. These five days are not about change — they’re about the realisation that who you want to be is already apart of you… in your soul.

I hope you’ll join us.

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