Upgrade Your Day with Healthy Quiet-Time

As a society, we are busier than ever!

As a holistic nutritionist and celebrity chef, many of the clients I work with are high-performers and high-achievers. They are on-the-go from the moment they wake up which means emails in bed, coffee ASAP, work, social outings, more emails in bed, and then sleep. Almost everyone I work with lacks quiet-time.

Quiet-time is my definition of peace. There are very few moments in our day that we get to connect with ourselves — and it deserves and requires some planning.

There are many “ordinary” moments that can be turned into moments of peace. Here are three!


Mornings are an important time to set the tone for your day. Avoid reaching for your phone to check emails and anything social media related to allow your own thoughts and feelings to surface. Everyone else can wait!

Get into the habit of keeping a liter of water bedside. We go all night without hydrating our cells, joints, and minds so it’s imperative to rehydrate in the morning to allow our bodies to function optimally.

Upon waking, grab (and drink) your liter of water and think about five things you’re grateful for. Think about your day and send out good thoughts. Getting into this habit will not only make you happy and centered, but you’ll feel energized and healthy from rehydrating your body!


The afternoon is usually when we’re in the swing of things. Emails are coming in, our friends are texting us, and we’re checking to see how our Instagram post did. We are distracted and overstimulated.

We usually hit an afternoon slump around two/three o’clock and our impulse is to reach for some coffee or something sweet.

To help with this slump, avoid eating heavier foods in the morning and afternoon. Instead of oatmeal make yourself some eggs or a Glow Smoothie. At lunch, fill your plate up with leafy greens, a small serving of protein, and a high-quality olive oil for healthy fats to keep your brain functioning optimally.

Keep a liter of water with you at all times. If you’re losing focus — take a sip, feeling tired— take a sip. Your quiet-time will be all your trips to the bathroom! Not kidding.


Our time at home is sacred. It’s very exciting to walk into the door after a long day and relax. Many of us are conditioned to turn on the TV, music, or hop on the phone to catch up with a friend. All of this is fine but moderation is key.

Begin to get mindful of how much of your free time is being occupied by something outside yourself. Reflection is important — it allows you to learn, observe, and even promotes creative thinking.

Give yourself some quiet-time while cooking dinner. Even better while eating it. We tend to eat more while we’re distracted due to outside influence affecting our emotions and mood. The idea is to turn your attention inward to allow yourself to chill.

An hour before bed, turn off the TV, put your phone on airplane mode, and do something nice for yourself. I love making an herbal tea to keep bedside while I read a book.

A nighttime routine can make our break how soundly you’re sleeping. Allow your mind and body to unwind so you can do it all again the next day!