National Entrepreneurs Day in MICHI

Soul Wellness Eats Meal Delivery to fuel my days!

I always knew I would be my own boss. And I worked really hard to do it.

Nine years in restaurants, a three year stint selling cosmeceuticals to doctors in LA, followed by a six month stint with three jobs — back in a restaurant, a morning job, and my practice — HERE I AM.

My own company means my own dress code. Hallelujah.

Sometimes that means on busy days my workout outfit becomes my meetings outfit, followed by my down-time outfit for planning what the menu will be for the upcoming week’s meal delivery service.

How we present ourselves to the world sends a message to others, and to ourself. So IF I’m going the athleisure route for meetings, it better be good.

Praise MICHI NY for creating activewear that is artful. Think mesh, straps, and cool, understated details. I feel like superwoman in their clothes, and actually a few strangers commented that I looked like a superhero! YES. I. AM.

A little Blue Bottle while designing my client’s menus