Four Ways to Stop Chasing Happiness + Start Minimalizing


As a Holistic Nutritionist and Health + Lifestyle Coach, I’m acutely aware of the things that do and do not work for me in my life. One of which is the tendency to collect (this does NOT work for me) — let’s just say I have minimalist taste with maximalist tendencies.

After a recent decision to purge items in my room, I realized I had consumed more items in the past three years then I would ever know what to do with.

While I was creating various piles of “keep”, “toss”, + “donate” I had a major wakeup call. I looked at all the piles and was perplexed.

Why did I EVER think that I needed this much stuff?


Status symbols by definition elicit esteem from others. It’s a natural way for us to fit into a group, society, or culture.

We’re made to feel like we don’t have enough on a daily basis. I stopped buying conventional magazines years ago, avoid commercials on TV, and am very specific with who I follow in my Instagram feed yet I still succumb to societal pressures.

While clearing out I managed to donate four black-garbage bags filled with stuff. Hallelujah.

While holding every item I simply asked myself Does this bring me joy?

I’m loving this new journey of minimizing, decluttering, and knowing that I am enough.

Here are four ways to get mindful and start minimizing!



1. Remember you are enough

We’re purposely made to feel like we’re not enough. It’s a marketing strategy. A genius one. How does a brand or company get a consumer to purchase more? Make them feel like they need it! There is no better way to sell something to someone then making an emotional connection with them.

Most brands are not on your side.

Start to keep a lookout for brands who have a mission statement in line with your own values. Beauty products, clothing, hotels, food etc.

Instagram is a great place to get information. Find people you relate to and see what they have going on in their life, stalk a little. we all do it!

2. Let happiness find you

If you start to go through your things and really get honest about why you bought it in the first place, I think you’ll have some sobering realizations.

Perhaps you were impressing a date, a friend, or family.

Maybe you were having a bad day and bought that top but never truly felt fulfilled after.

Start to take inventory, figuratively and literally, of what motivates you to buy in the first place.

3. Spend more time doing what you love

Make your heart full by spending more time with your friends, family, and favorite hobbies.

Make an effort to fill some of your spare time doing things that bring you joy.

More joy in your life equates to less of a need to buy more.

Watch less TV and be conscious about the content you’re consuming in the news, in magazines, social media, blogs, and the people around you.

4. Let less be more

Start to really tap into your heart when you want to purchase an item. Why do want it? What does it mean to you? What does it represent?

Is it another shade of pink lipstick that you probably have something very similar to but saw another woman wearing it who represents something you don’t have?

If you can start to purchase with the intention that you’ll only buy what you love, you’ll be surrounded by things that have meaning, are expressive, and represent the best parts of your soul.

I hope this post served you! Have you ever purchased something for the wrong reason? I’d love to hear in the comments below! xx, Shauna