Three Ways I Turned Chronic Worrying into Daily Thriving



I used to be a chronic worrier. I’d lay in bed going over every scenario from the day, and for the next day, and the day after next…

Night after night, I’d work myself myself into a tizzy over things that were not real.

The power of the brain.

Not only was I exhausted, but I knew I was living on the side of fear.

Until I decided I had had enough. I was over it. I needed to find a way to wind down, get present, and finally get a good nights rest.

This started with recognizing this awful habit, and knowing that I had control over changing it.

I knew I had to manage my stress throughout the day and create a bedtime routine that said to my mind “the day is over”.

Over the past year, I’ve turned to teas, tonics, books, and Stress Killer.



Stress killer is basically a xanax minus the hangover and the risk of addiction. It contains ingredients that calm the mind, improve mood and performance, and lower cortisol levels. If you’re thinking you’re wanting to try a new method, and want to experiment with an oil a lot of people are having huge success with for a wide variety of ailments and issues, you could try looking into CBD Oils, if you’re wondering you could buy CBD Oil from the UK.

L-tyrosine: Clinically proven to reduce stress and anxiety, and improve mood and performance.

L-theanine: Cleveland Clinic says it promotes focus by “generat[ing] creativity, a state of wakeful relaxation, and higher learning via the ability to ignore distracting information during complex tasks.”

Magnesium citrate: Lowers cortisol levels

B-vitamins: Were found in a clinical study to “reduce work-related stress” by 20%

Vitamin C: Lowers cortisol levels and blood pressure

I love nature.




Having Stress Killer in my back pocket (figuratively and literally — they’re in individual packs) has been a huge help in centering my life.

There are a few things I’ve also found helpful in managing my stress…

  1. Knowing that I’m going to be fine. That I’m doing a great job and it will all be okay.
  2. Allowing myself the time and space to have a mini routine that allows me to chill for a bit.
  3. A go-to product that puts me in the zone to relax.

Grab a box of Stress Killer and let me know how you like it!


A bit about the brand:

The founders, the D’Andrea brothers are pretty amazing. They’ve worked with the military to nutritionally improve the energy-bar that gets rationed to war fighters. They spent seven years (!) lobbying to remove trans fats from military rations and succeeded!

After years of combing through military research and clinical studies, they set out to create a safe product that would help others reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety on their own. More on stress research and tips on their site.

Disclaimer* All post and opinions are my own and I firmly stand behind them. Sometimes I get paid to post and this is one of those times.