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In the sex department, lube isn’t really my thing. I like to stay far far away from chemicals on (or in) my body, and the fact of the matter is I’ve never needed it — benefits of a well hydrated body!

As far as cannabis goes, I hate being high (THC), but I love CBD. I reap the benefits of the Marijuana plant by consuming it’s non-psycho active component, CBD. I’ve shared a bit of my love of CBD on the blog before because I truly believe in it.

The research that is emerging on CBD is incredible. It’s helping with seizures, anxiety, depression, and even cancer cells. It’s pretty remarkable. I love it in chocolate, in tonics, in teas, straight out of the dropper, and er — dare I say it — now in lube!

When I heard about CBD lubricant I was intrigued. One of the first brands I read about was Good Clean Love. Their line of lubricants is Soul Wellness Method approved — water based, free of nasty chemicals, unlike other lubes — no glycerin, no propylene glycol, or parabens.

I was ready to try.

I won’t get into details but…oh yes.

Do yourself a favor and order some of this bad boy. It’s a fun time solo or with a partner. Give yourself 10-15 minutes prior to the act and let it sink in. You’ll get a tingle and you’ll know you’re ready.

Whether you’re into lube or not, Good Clean Love’s CaraGold CBD lubricant is worth having around to elevate your sexy time. Enjoy yourselves, and be safe!

Have you had experience with CBD lube before? Share your experience in the comments below or pass along to someone who’s into that sort of thing using the links below 😉 !


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