I Like My Skin Organic | Erbaviva

The world of non-toxic skincare is on fire! More and more brands are making their way into the luxury sector of non-toxic living. It isn’t easy to decipher which ones are actually going to do what they say, and more importantly, make you feel like a sexy goddess. That’s what I’m here for!

I’m a retired notorious-department-store-makeup shopper. For years, my holidays were filled with boxes of my preferred brands of designer skincare & makeup.

For the past two years, little by little, I’ve been transitioning from toxic beauty, to healthy beauty in order to keep my body, hormones, and soul functioning optimally.

Non-toxic skincare gets a bad rap and I get it. Packaging, fragrance, and functionality fell a little short. Today, non-toxic skincare is making it’s way into the luxury market with stunning packaging, real-deal ingredients, and is meant for the hippiest of hippies, and those of us who live an active, happy, and healthy life, but aren’t defined by it.

For the past month I’ve been using Erbaviva’s body oil after my showers. My skin has never been softer which has made me feel even sexier. I love it. Truly.

Bath-time is now accompanied by Erbaviva’s bath salts which offer a dose of aromatherapy that instantly transports me to a state of relaxation. The salts have hydrating oils and vitamin E which is probably a contributing factor to my softer skin. Not to mention, my skin now has a subtle yummy smell all the time.
The products are certified USDA organic which makes them a no brainer. Geared towards moms, babies, and those with sensitive skin, the products are sustainable for our planet, and for our well being on this earth.

If you’re looking for some new products to incorporate into your everyday these are them!

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