There is Such Thing as a Guilt- Free Dessert // Cave Shake

Who doesn’t love dessert?! One of the things I hear most as a Holistic Nutritionist is “what about dessert?” & “can I still eat chocolate?”

Desserts are normally loaded with refined sugars, unhealthy sources of sodium, and flour. But, I promise, your can eat dessert and support a lifestyle of health and wellness.

Desserts, for the most part are a concoction of many delicious ingredients like fat, salt, and sugar- a combination that literally sets off our brains’ reward system.

So unless you enjoy whole fruits and nuts as a dessert (more power to you!) here are a few tips to keep you on track.

Avoid shopping in conventional grocery stores // These “food” stores are loaded with highly processed and fake ingredients, chemicals, and pesticides. Their goal is not the same as yours. Steer clear and vote with your dollar.

Shop at stores that support you lifestyle goals // Your local co-op, Erewhon, Whole Foods, Lassen’s, and farmers market are great options. But be wary– these stores do not mean you’re in the clear. But it’s a good start!

Read those labels // Give yourself an extra 5-10 minutes to do some investigating. First, look at the ingredient list. If there’s a long list of ingredients with words that are unpronounceable put it back on the shelf.  Stickick to five ingredients or less for all packaged foods is good rule- of- thumb.

Check the sugar content // Yes, when we think “dessert” we think sugar. But there are many ways to satisfy your sweet tooth without the glycemic load. Look for desserts higher in good fats from nuts and coconut. Then check to see what they’re using to sweeten. Stevia, as long as it’s organic is a wonderful choice, monk fruit, cinnamon, and dried fruits like dates.

Use discretion // “Healthy” desserts are not an excuse to go crazy. As we tend to our health, we begin to have less and less cravings for sweets and junk food. If your cravings are off- the- chart consider meeting with your Integrative Doctor or Nutritionist for support. It’s usually a sign of imbalance.

One of my favorite go-to “desserts” is Cave Shake. It fuels my brain with MCT’s and shuts down those hunger hormones! I use it in smoothies, as a mid-day snack, or as a dessert!

Cave Shake is a coconut based, high fat, dairy- free, gluten-free low sugar shake. I actually think of it more like a pudding and eat it at all hours of the day. They have mini sizes which are PERFECT for work days.

Pro tip* // Pack a small bag of superfoods, nuts, chia, and flax seed and add it to Cave Shake right before eating.

They have four flavors — chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and coffee (which I wouldn’t recommend eating at night if sleep is important to you).

You can find Cave Shake at Southern and Northern California Health Food stores. More locations to come!

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