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who we are


We’re a wellness company that brings travelers together to share meaningful experiences.

We approach travel in a way that allows for new experiences, while rooting in our daily routines. We find locations with an appreciation for local food that bring in the best local chefs. And we work with them to bring you the healthiest meals.

Our curated spots allow time to move our bodies, reflect, connect, and have some fun!


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Upcoming Retreats

Catskills, NY // June 20th-June 22nd

The Algarve, Portugal // October 18th – October 25th

The Experience


Soul Wellness Travels is a wellness company leading retreats focused around clean eating and culturally rich experiences. Conscious  living, exploration, and rest is the compass to all retreat itineraries.


Our Mission


Soul Wellness | Travels’ mission is to curate an experience that incorporates clean eating, a little movement, and exciting new experiences that allow you to connect back with who you know you are deep in your soul.

These experiences are about wellness, exploration, and remembering what’s important.

When we travel, we grow, and we are never the same again.

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