Three Ways to Spread Love & Get Happy


It seems like we’re all chasing happiness.

Our phones are the new television and we’re consuming more information than ever before — even when we don’t want to.

Those notifications are disrupting our thoughts, our flow, and our time.

We’re constantly being reminded that we’re not doing something. That we don’t have something.

We feel sad, unfulfilled, and as a society, we’re medicated more than ever.

But we don’t have to be…


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The easiest way to shift your mood is by taking yourself out of your circumstance and putting yourself into another’s. (Turning off those notifications won’t hurt either!)

We often get so tied up in our thoughts and emotions, that we often forget there’s a world much larger than ourselves.

We forget that we’re all apart of something really special and magical.

That magic lies in knowing that we are all in this together.

Last month, while home in New York for the holidays, I reached out to Health Warrior to partner with me on a special project.

Every year, my sister and I make bags filled with treats for the homeless. We walk around Manhattan and pass them
out to whomever we encounter.

Health Warrior jumped on the opportunity to be apart of this project and I am so grateful. We were able to pass out delicious, healthy treats to a dozen people!

Given my platform, I wanted to share this message in hopes to inspire others to spread the love.


We get so weeded by our own agendas that it becomes impossible to see that there’s a whole world out there besides our own.

The fastest way to check yourself is to do something for another human.

There are a plethora of ways to spread love to others. Here are my favorites:

1. Spread Hope

Hope, in my opinion, is the most powerful emotion. Hope has the power to transform our lives. It keeps us happy, it makes sense of the unknown. It keeps us going.

Giving hope comes in all shapes and sizes. A smile, a conversation, or a cup of coffee go a long way.
Don’t underestimate the smallest gesture.
*I’ve found that airports have many opportunities to do this. The person who missed their flight, the mom traveling with her children alone, or the student traveling on a tight budget.

2. Give Your Time

A dear friend of mine once said to me, “there are very few ways to show people you care”.

He was right.
Our time is constantly being occupied by social media, the news, and our own self-indigences that giving someone your undivided attention is a wonderful gift.
Take a break from your circumstances and help someone else. Show up for your friend, your family, or a stranger who might need you.
Time is powerful.

3. Fill Up Your Cup

When we fly they tell us to put our oxygen mask on first before helping our neighbor. This is because we’re pretty useless if we’re not breathing.

Apply this philosophy to your daily life.
Focus on your health and well being. You already know what you need to be doing to feel good.
Drink more water. Take that class. Hire that coach. Move your body. Be still.
When you start making yourself proud, you’ll have all the energy in the world to help others!

Set an intention to shift your consciousness and opportunities to do good will begin to present themselves.

As always, I’m here to chat and would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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