Finding Your Way Back Home Through Stillness // Kat Colla

NOTE // This is a journal entree I wrote during my trip to Xinalani with Kat Colla and Desiree Pais on their Radiant Body Retreat.

I wrote this in approximately three minutes immediately after class as I had to get it out of me.

Stay tuned for more from our amazing trip.

Day 3 // Yin Yoga PM Practice // Radiant Body Retreat // Xinalani

This is the first time I’m feeling really comfortable here.

I’m pretty fast to adapt to a new place, but I’m learning I don’t always adjust.

Physically being in a new place is different from emotionally and spiritually being in a new place.

Up until now, I’ve had a hard time stopping my constant thoughts. Even during our morning Vinyasa classes I haven’t been able to slow my brain down.

Tonight, during Kat’s Yin Yoga class I finally settled in.

Yin yoga consists of lots of props like blocks, blankets, straps etc. (get your head out of the gutter). One utilizes the props to assist in long stretches.

Tonight, there was a lot of hip opening and stimulation of our second chakra right above our pelvis.

Laying over a block or blanket to allow the hips to open up has a profound effect on stimulating emotion.  5-10 minutes of sinking into the stretch while remaining still is extremely challenging.

The challenge lies in the stillness.

It’s easier to block out the chatter in the brain while we move at a much faster pace during yoga.

Kat has a knack for anticipating. When the stillness started to get uncomfortable she casually said,

“it’s not about getting to the finish line. It’s about saying ‘oh there’s a cute dog.’”

Which gave us some comical relief and some introspective truth.

Tonight, I had the best savasana I’ve had in a long time.

Three days in the jungle with the intention to connect deeply with myself, and tonight I finally arrived back home.