Ten Ways to Stay Healthy and Grounded this Holiday Season

The holidays are here! How exciting! Or not.

Family dynamics, personal insecurities, and for some of us, the fear of food are all issues that are put on the table. 

As we reflect on another year, it’s normal to feel the feelings of nostalgia and insufficiencies.

Yes, we want to fit into our jeans, but really deep down we just want freedom and ease in our body and soul.

Here are nine ways to give yourself the gift of self-care during this busy and often stressful time of year.


Stop With the Phone

From now until the end of the year, see how it feels to avoid your phone for the first 30 minutes of your day. Emails, social media, and texts are nothing more than an organized system of others’ agendas. Tap yourself out of theirs, and tap into yours.


Who do You Want to be Today?

Use your new sacred me-time to visualize who you want to be today.

Kind, loving, strong.

See yourself making empowered food choices that will serve your long term goals.

What positive aspects of yourself will you embody at that party? I imagine your confident, self assured, happy self.

You have the power to design your day. Get clear, visualize it, and you will be it.


Embrace The Past Year

Look back at all you’ve accomplished this year and be proud of all you’ve done. Take yourself out of comparison to your friends, relatives, and the Instagram influencers.

What have you done this year?

What have you learned this year?

I bet you’ve grown a lot. Be proud.

Own Your Shit

We all have an image that we hold of our best selves that we revisit every now and then. Our powerful, self-assured, confident self.

Be that person. No more hiding.

The reward of stepping into our power is extraordinarily great. It allows us to to be who we know we are deep in our soul.

When we feel empowered because we’re being true to ourselves, we naturally become happier and we can spread the love outward.

A happy state of mind leads to healthier food choices without even having to think about it.

How Are You Celebrating?

How you decide to celebrate is important in keeping you grounded during gatherings.

Are you celebrating yourself?

Are you celebrating family and friends?

Are you looking forward to the dessert you never allow yourself?

Perhaps everyone is in the kitchen eating fresh baked bread, or the dinner table is going through bottles of Cab like it’s going out of style.

We’ve all been in both situations, but if we can go into them knowing exactly how we want to celebrate, it will save us the puffiness and the hangover in the morning. Unless that’s what you want!

Figure out how you’re celebrating and you won’t get sucked into what everyone else is doing.


Fuck What Others Think

No matter how much inner work we do, self-help books we read, and seminars we attend, we still have a lot to learn about ourselves and the emotions that come up when around our families. Especially when Grandma doesn’t understand that it’s okay to have a hustle that isn’t apart of the Corporatocracy (love you, Grandma).

The fact of the matter is certain family members can bring up childhood insecurities by probing and asking questions.

But fuck it.

The work you did earlier by embracing this past year will help you stay secure and grounded. You don’t have to explain yourself. You have a plan and that’s all that matters. Keep it to yourself; you’ll surprise them later.

*Ironically, the nagging eventually stops because they realize you’re unshakable.


No More Guilt

If you want to indulge this holiday season, make the decision and go for it! Just be sure to feel good about it!

When we eat in a stressful state we’re in fight-or-flight mode. When our bodies are in fight-or-flight we have an increase in adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones not only make us hold onto fat, but will make us eat a lot faster than we would have if we had just taken a few deep breaths.

Any food choice that you’re making should be coming from a good place. There’s no guilt here. Guilt will manifest itself into self-destructive behavior later on.


Nourish Wisely

It’s always really smart to increase your water and veggie intake when you want to feel vibrant.

Start doing this now, and it will make a world of a difference over the next few weeks.

Before you arrive at the party get really clear with your plan before you arrive.

Plan your other meals and snacks accordingly to what you’ll be indulging in later.

If the event is a sit down meal, start with veggies, a glass of water, and some deep breaths.


Kill Your Appetite

If you’re looking to keep it on the healthy side, eat before the party.

This will stop you from overindulging and letting that cocktail get to your head.

Hard boiled organic eggs, gluten-free avocado toast, coconut kefir, and greens apples are always my go-to snacks.


Be Grateful 

Remember how far you’ve come this year. Think of who you were last year, and even last month. Send some love to that person, I bet they need it.

Be grateful for the people in your life, or the people who aren’t in your life and for the role they played in your growth.

When sitting down for a meal, take a moment and look at the food and think about the farmer who grew it, who picked it, and shipped it to the grocery store that allowed for it to be prepared in the kitchen of wherever you are.

Think of your beautiful body that your soul gets to live in. The body that allows you to wake up everyday and follow your heart.

I’m sending all my love to you this holiday season.

*I’m so passionate about this subject that I’m offering a special $99 consultation rate via Skype for anyone who wants to talk about their food choices and have me help you come up with a personalized plan from now until the end of the year // Email shauna@soulwellnessmethod.com for details

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All my love, Soul Buddies <3

Take care of yourself.



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