Freeze Your Tush off & Get Healthy // Renew Juicery

Renew Juicery recently had me in to get my cryo on.

Cryotherapy is one of my favorite things to do, and Renew is one of my FAVORITE spots to do it at!


What is cryo?



Cryotherapy uses liquid nitrogen at sub 200 degree f temperatures to trick your body into thinking it’s freezing immediately puting your body into survival mode. Blood rushes to your core to protect your organs, and your blood become more oxygenated.

This reaction boasts incredible anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits. Collagen production increases giving your skin a blinding glow, and for most people, eczema, body acne, and cellulite will eventually diminish!

Cryo- chambers were once only used by athletes, reducing their 30 minute ice bath to three minutes of dry cryotherapy.

If you have any chronic joint disorders, pain, or soreness, cryo is for you. If you’re injured, it decreases injury recovery time by 50%.  Oh and it promotes weight loss. YES PLEASE.

One of my favorite benefits of cryo is the buzz it gives me. There this buzzy high that I feel afterwards that lasts for a couple of hours followed by a very relaxing feeling, and a beautiful nights sleep.

I love that one is able to reap the list of benefits in only a couple of minutes. The best part- no down time. Leave looking the same way you started.

What to expect




Strip down, put on gloves, socks, rubber boots, and hop in.

Liquid nitrogen fills the chamber and you get to endure the coldest two-three minutes of your life.

I know it sounds like a torture, and it is. But it’s worth it, and you’ll thank me later!



Renew Juicery // Culver City, Los Angeles, CA


Renew’s owner, Brooke Rewa has created such a serene space. When entering Renew, you know you’re about to experience something great for yourself. Whether you’re grabbing a quick snack from her highly curated refrigerator of goodies, or one of her medicinal and raw juices or mylks that she has the most wonderful knack for making. Seriously the woman knows good flavor.

She also recently created a line of high quality pantry products called “RENEW PANTRY”  including bee pollen, chia seeds, astragalus root, and mineral salt to name a few. I asked her what inspired her to create this line and she told me that she was recommending these products to clients everyday and eventually decided to create her own line. #BOSSLADY

Whenever I’m in Culver City working out, or just driving through I always make it a point to stop by, grab a snack, and enjoy chats with the lovely and knowledgable staff.

There’s a reason Cryotherapy is one of the ‘hottest’ activities to hit the LA wellness scene.

Stop by Renew to show yourself some extra love and care.


12460 W. Washington Blvd 
Los Angeles, CA, 90066
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 SOUL PEEPS // Use code RENEWSOUL for 10% off in the month of November online or in person.
*TIP* Have a friend, or one of the rad soul peeps at Renew talk to you during Cryo. It distracts you and makes the whole thing go much faster!

Brooke answers any other questions you might have in our Facebook Live video above. Or just watch me freeze my tush off 😉


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