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That Time I ‘Shook Up’ My Workout at PLATEFIT

I was recently invited in to try at class at West Hollywood’s PLATEFIT and when I saw that the classes were only 30-mins and I knew I was in for an intense workout!

PLATEFIT was founded by Rachael Bumberg, and utilizes the Power-Plate, a machine with a vibrating platform in an intimate class setting.

Power-Plate’s website says that the platform’s vibrations result in corresponding muscle activation, aka many more muscles are engaged, along with the lymphatic system which helps to remove toxins and retained fluids.

This makes makes PLATEFIT a major time-saver — 10 minutes on the machine is considered a great workout!

What’s fascinating to me about the Power-Plate is the medical uses it has. Yes, the machine has a lot of aesthetic purposes, but it’s actually being used to help patients with osteoporosis, spinal cord injuries, and is helping the elderly in improving their cardiorespiratory fitness. It’s pretty awesome.

platefit west hollywood power plate cardio cellulite workout fitness athleisure NFL Brandon LondonI took Brandon’s (@culturedathlete), BootcampFIT class who’s an ex NFL player. Talk about an intense workout. I actually got nauseous during class as I had eaten too close to the start of it, and the mix of the intense workout and the vibrating platform shook me up (pun intended) for a couple of mins. *Avoid eating two hours before class, if you must, try something light like some raw almonds or an apple.

After my NFL workout I stayed for the CelluliteFIT class. Hallelujah. This class felt so good and was so relaxing. You basically stretch and lay on the Plate and let it massage the fascia helping to eliminate cellulite, which of course is even more effective when paired with proper nutrition 😉

PLATEFIT has a great class schedule and an amazing variety of classes :: PlateFIT, BalletFIT,  BoxFIT,   DanceFIT, YogaFIT, KickboxFIT, BootcampFIT, and CelluliteFIT.

I love the intimate hands-on class setting and quick workouts at PLATEFIT. If you’re in Los Angeles definitely put them on your list. Westsiders, they’re opening in Brentwood in September which I personally am VERY excited about!

If you guys are local use code PLATEFITWEHO for a free class!


309 N Kings Rd
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 782-1770