I Have a Bone to Pick with Detoxing

These days it seems like everyone is doing some type of detox. Normally when I see things trending in the wellness world I’m super into them because of the mere fact that there’s more awareness being spread. However, the way the word detox is being used lately has me cringing.

A detox is defined as “a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances; detoxification”, which is great if only we all understood that the true meaning behind detox is used to make us healthier and happier.

Here’s why I have a bone to pick with the word detox. I’m finding that more and more of my clients will tell me they detoxed by doing a juice cleanse, or something super drastic which left them feeling ridiculously tired, having low energy, being super cranky, the inability to think clearly, and most of the time they were unable to stick with it which left them feeling like they failed. Which they DID NOT. In fact, I commend them for listening to their bodies.

Most will not do well with something that severe, especially with something so high in sugar content- hello insulin spike! Our bodies naturally detox on their own and if we want to help them along it’s better to go for a less invasive method such as this ionic foot bath. We have amazing organs that work on their own and never need direction from us. We never have to tell our lungs to breath, or our heart to beat. We are AMAZING.

And believe me, I get it. We sometimes have a special events that we want to look and feel our best for. But I wish I saw more of us treating our body with more care on the regular, instead of having the mindset that in the home stretch we have to do something drastic. These “programs” are not the answer to our prayers. I promise. Self-love and self- care are.

The thing that is slowing us down these days is the fact that toxins and chemicals are everywhere, purposly disguised under aliases that we can’t understand. There’s very little regulation on labeling products, and our food lobbies are out of control. Companies are using the word detox because they know it’s a trigger word for many. It implies that we aren’t already doing the best we can.

We all make food choices that aren’t always in line with our long term goals, and we sometimes need to aid the natural detox process to bring us back to home base. I’m calling this our “Happy Body State”! (Just made it up!)

This Happy Body State (HBS) is when we are so in tune with what’s going on inside the body that we’re living in and occupying during this time on earth. We know when it wants veggies, we know when it wants water, and when it needs some fats. We can hear its needs, and know its happiness.

For example, I was just in Vegas for a double bachelorette party, yes, DOUBLE BACHELORETTE PARTY. If you could only imagine! I completely and consciously indulged the whole weekend in whatever I wanted to, and the day I got home I was back to my routine, but I kicked it up a notch. These kinds of times are when we want to eat as whole and pure as possible. Food is information for our cells and the more variety of information we give it, the happier and healthier our body becomes!

After Vegas, I was not in Happy Body State, so I made food choices that helped me get back to it.

Some of my favorites are:

  • Lemon and water first thing in the morning (detox the liver)
  • A large salad every day filled with lots of veggies
  • Wild Salmon
  • Whole organic, pasture raised eggs
  • Homemade veggie soups
  • Smoothie bowls made with avocado instead of banana (watch the sugars)
  • And a shit ton of water.

Soup is sometimes hard to plan for because you have to have the time to prep the food and the time to be home while it simmers on low for hours. I recently started using SOUPURE, a soup delivery service. I’m kind of obsessed. I was skeptical at first as sometimes pre-made food delivery lacks quality, and taste, and I’m pretty snobby when it comes to food.

I did a one-day reset, which I was fine trying because it’s made with pure, whole foods, in their natural state. There were six containers for the day. Once I saw all the care and love when I had them in my hands I was so excited! The flavors are super current and forward. My favorite is the nut based soup that you drink cold. OMG. It’s like eating dessert. So impressed with SOUPURE! Detox Soup Cleanse Whole Foods Soupure Soul Wellness Method

The one day of soup-ing helped bring me back to my HBS during a period when I was VERY tired.

I love that I can grab a soup on-the-go when I’m running around town. I see this souping as a replacement to us carrying around bars in our bags.

Detox Whole Foods Soup Cleanse Soupure Soul Wellness MethodSOUPURE now delivers throughout the whole US! They’re using an amazing pressurized process which allows the soups to stay fresh for weeks! None of the pasteurization BS 🙂

And they’re offering Soul Wellness Method readers 10% off <3 // Code: SOUL10

My mission, the energy, and the intention behind Soul Wellness Method is to help others get to who they know they are deep in their soul. Food is just one vehicle to get you there. Fix the food, and other things fall into place.

I’d love to hear your experience with getting your body to its Happy Body State! If you know anyone who could benefit from this post, share the love and send it their way! And as always, if you have any questions I’m here!!

Lots of love xx