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There are certain things in life that exude a level of luxury. Fabrics, certain designs, simplicity, understated anything, and scents. My sense of smell is my strongest sense, so strong that my parents used to tell me to become a “nose” as a career where I would get to be in a lab for a few hours a day tasting and smelling products.

This strong sense is a blessing and a curse because I’m able to be hyper aware of what and who is around me, but at the same time I am SUPER sensitive to certain fragrances. ¬†I can tell immediately if a scent is manufactured in a lab, or authentic. Synthetic fragrances in candles and products KILL me (actually literally because they’re extremely toxic) and I dodge all department store’s main sales floors.

If I’m in a yoga class where someone is wearing Le Labo’s Santal (most of them in Santa Monica are) I put my mat down very close to that person ūüėČ

I’m able to scope out my attraction to someone just from having a conversation or sitting next to them and smelling their scent. So animalistic, I know.

As of late I’ve been treating myself to bath time and it’s turned into my new favorite thing. I love indulging in the luxury of doing nothing. Bath time means I get to play¬†with different soaps, oils, and salts.¬†Sometimes the smell is a big success, other times I’m forced to empty the tub out (which is extremely anti-drought) because I cannot bare the scent.

I recently met a lovely woman at the Brentwood Farmers Market who founded a company called On Board Organics. We began chatting right away and I started¬†smelling all of her scrubs and lotions and they kept getting better! I ended up choosing gardenia because there’s something about that scent that oozes luxury.

I used the scrub that night and saw some friends the following day and they all commented on how good I smelt! The oils in the scrub stayed on my skin and gave me a subtle fragrance where other’s were noticing and¬†I thought to myself, “I¬†love this stuff!”

One evening¬†I used the lotion after a shower before heading out¬†and got a lot of attention ūüėČ

The products are SUPER affordable, which is one of the reasons I felt compelled to write about them because of the price point and the level of decadence it gives.

You guys know I love anything non-toxic, and I love supporting local businesses. If you’re not local,¬†Tracey will ship to you, and if you¬†are¬†in LA¬†you can visit her on Sundays at the Brentwood Farmers Market.

Check out her company and product here. Find On Board Organics on Instagram at @onboardorganics


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