Take Back Your Health Conference // Happiness, Cancer Prevention, Gut Health, and Eating for Energy and Stamina

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Social Media is an amazing thing. I sometimes stumble upon accounts for the first time not knowing how I even got there. Well let’s be honest- there’s stalking going on in some capacity 😉

I’ve found some of my favorite products this way, some really fun events, and have even connected with some amazing people through social media.

Take Back Your Health is one of those accounts that I couldn’t tell you how exactly I found them, but I did, and I’m so glad I did!

Luckily for me, I stumbled across them right before their conference that was being held locally in North Hollywood. I knew I had to go.

There were three days packed of speakers, demonstrations, and an exhibitor hall filled with lots of goodies and really cool vendors. Of course, Bulletproof was there and I may or may not have taken advantage of all the free coffee!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend all the days but during my time there I learned SO much!

Take Back Your Health Welcome

I learned how to be happier, how to make my own sauerkraut, how to prevent cancer through the products I use, and how to eat for more energy and stamina.

Take Back Your Health also hosts amazing retreats a few times a year. They’re lead by founder, Robin Shirley and include accommodations, all three meals, meditations, health consultations, and an amazing community. They’re super affordable ranging from $795- $1195 per person depending on your room.

The next retreat is in Palm Springs from June 23 – 27, 2016

. After that there’s one in Charlottesville, Virginia | January 13 – 17, 2017.

More on the retreats…

Robin is doing such a great job spreading health and wellness around and I’m super impressed/proud of what she’s doing. I’m so happy I found her and was able to attend Take Back Your Health. 

The next conference is at the end of October 2016 in Tysons Corner, VA. There’s an amazing lineup of speakers including one of my favorites, Vani Hari AKA Food Babe! If you’re around and can make the weekend, I highly recommend it. The schedule and speakers are up on their site-take a peek!

Here’s a recap of the things I learned in the talks that I was able to attend…
(I’ll be posting the other talks this week, but for now enjoy the piece on happiness!)


Everyday Habits for Your Happiness
Clara Young, Ph.D

Dr. Young is a Clinical Psychologist, and director of The Health & Happiness Center. She has an amazing story of battling breast cancer and working through the various emotions that come with that diagnosis. She shared with us some of her own personal story and integrated it with studies and evidence of how happiness is essential to our well being.

Gut Health & Making Superfood Sauerkraut
Monica Ford

Green You Routine for Cancer Prevention
Lisa Bronner

Your Nutrition Plan for More Energy and Stamina
Geno Carvalho

On a side note, I ended up winning a raffle to the Yogi Tree in Toluca Lake and attended one of their Breathwork Circles lead by Debbie Hawksworth and had an extremely profound experience. I was hesitant to share this because the place is so special, but I realized how that goes against everything I believe in, so here I am sharing!

If you’re not local, you can do a Google search for Breathwork Circle near you. Each experience is different for every individual yet all extremely cathartic and healing.  A little more about WholeSoulBreathing here