SWM Launch // My Identity, My Now, & The Plan

April 26, 2016

Hi Soul Buddies! I’m using this post to tell you a bit about my journey and what it’s taken to get here, and some of my plans for the future. Here it is:

My “Identity”

Name: Shauna Faulisi
Age: 27
Daughter of Lia & Peter
Sister to Daniel & Victoria
New Yorker
Resides in Los Angeles
Travels often
A bit orthorexic (working on it)

I grew up in Long Island New York, where my whole family still lives.

I lived in Manhattan for six years before moving to Los Angeles to be with a guy. The relationship ended, but I stayed. I’ve been here for almost three years and have grown to really love it. Once I accepted that LA will never be NY I was able to embrace its’ wonderful culture.

I grew up dancing 20+ hours a week after school and on weekends, and spent most of those weekends at dance competitions with girls who are all my best friends to this day. I went to another studio for strictly ballet, so this meant a lot of rushed eating and changing into my Capezio tights, putting my hair into a perfect bun, and slipping on a body suit in the front seat of my mom’s car.

If I wasn’t at a dance competition on Sunday night, I joined the rest of my family at Grandma & Grandpa’s for pasta and meatballs- two aunts, two uncles, and ten cousins whom I am the first of.

Summers were for dance nationals, and Long Island beaches.

When I was in middle school my mom started taking me, with my brother and sister strapped into a stroller into “The City” aka Manhattan to do some modeling. I started to do this more in high school and luckily for mom, I was old enough to take the hour train ride into The City alone. After using all of my work money on cabs, I learned the NYC Subway system real quick.

I deciding not to got to college after high school and my parents told me I could either pay them rent or move out. So I moved to Manhattan to live alone at 19.

I spent some time modeling and acting after moving to The City, while working at a huge restaurant group in one of their busiest stores in the country. All of this allowed me to indulge in my favorite activities at the time: shop, travel, dine out, and go to bars and clubs. I did this for six years. Was I fulfilled? Not in the least.

More on all the in-between here

My now

After completing my Health Coaching certification at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and finding my niche in weight loss, clear skin, and slow aging, I did a lot of work on self-love and self-trust, and took the leap to start my business. I realized that all I had to do was start and that there would be nothing worse than never actually trying. I have been working my butt off ever since.

I’m writing this now on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, in Los Angeles, from inside my apartment, alone — and I’m totally okay with it! Building a business has been a huge learning experience, and has required a lot of sacrifice monetarily, time wise, in relationships, dating, and sleep. I pretty much think about my business, my blog, and my clients all day long.

I’ve been managing my full time job while seeing clients, working closely with my amazing branding team, KLAS Creative, and doing everything I can to grow and build Soul Wellness Method.

My number one priority when starting my Holistic Nutrition practice was to be open and honest with all of the people I connect with on social media and in person. I’m hyper-aware that what I say and do can influence people on many different levels. So yes, I eat healthy, I go to yoga, I don’t really drink, and I eat like a hippie most of the time. But, instead of just showing and writing about all of that, it’s really important for me to share all of the other stuff like the fact that certain things make me insecure, I struggle with time management, I miss my family in New York, I get overwhelmed and anxious when I don’t find me time to get centered, that sometimes all I want are Milk Duds & Sour Patch Kids, and when I’m too busy the first thing to go is my room & car making it look like a bomb exploded in there.

Looking at all of this I can happily say that this isn’t something I would share a year ago, or even four months ago. It feels really good to fully step into who I am and what I’m feeling, and I don’t think I’d be here if I didn’t do that.

The Plan

My website/blog will continue to be filled with healthy food, travel tips, travel guides, my favorite spots, beauty product, new wellness trends, event coverage, my thoughts, and my new favorite topic- entrepreneurship. It will feature people who inspire me, and my favorite products will be featured in the store. I’ll be working on some healthy guides to have in there as well- all requests welcome 🙂

It’s really important to keep in mind that I am and will always be evolving, and my website and all of my social media outlets will reflect that. Sometimes I feel super sexy, and other times I feel more nostalgic. My tone will reflect exactly how I’m feeling to coincide with my number one goal: to be open and honest.

My Instagram pictures might be pretty, but I’m still on the other side. This is why I love Snapchat because it’s so raw, so if any of this speaks to you I’d love for you to join me on there:: @soulwellnessmtd

For the launch, I’m giving away a complimentary Health History and some of my favorite brands are generously donating product: Athleta, SUNWARRIOR, Artisana, THINX, & a 6-month subscription to Biohackers Box !!!

Sign up for the give-aways here! ^^ *Just note that you have to live in the Continental US to win (Except for Biohackers Box- they ship worldwide)

***Be sure to tag a friend & follow the brand you want to win on Instagram, and follow my Snapchat & IG page to qualify. I’ll be announcing the winners on there. LOVE you guys!


This week I was named one of Athleta’s 2016 Ambassadors!!! I can’t tell you how humbled and elated I am! I’m going to be doing really exciting things with them for the year and will be sharing it all on my Instagram, Snapchat, and website. Maybe this will get me more followers, especially on my Instagram! Although if this doesn’t happen I don’t have to panic, especially with sites like https://upleap.com being able to boost my followings as well as manage my account, that’s if I get to that stage of needing it managed. It’s honestly great help though!

Here’s the link to the post with my video submission and how the amazing managers at The Grove Athleta store surprised and asked me to be their Ambassador. It took me eight hours to make this video because I literally taught myself how to use iMovie while I was doing it. While all the hard work pays off, believing in yourself is the only thing that can fuel the long hours and sacrifice.

I’m so excited for this new adventure I’m on. I know where I want it to take me, but I’m excited to see where it actually does take me.

For those of you who have been following me on Instagram and Snapchat who stumbled upon me in the world of social media, I am so so grateful to you. Please keep supporting me on this platform, I may also go to the #1 place to buy Instagram likes to help me get even higher figures! I have heard that Buzzoid has been very effective at this. I love all of your comments and messages and you inspire me to be the best me.

If we haven’t connected on social media, I’d love it you joined me on there. I love you all! <3 IG: @soulwellnessmethod
Snapchat: soulwellnessmtd
Twitter: @soulwellnessmtd

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