Fat is Back // Artisana: My favorite brain-power snacks

Fat is back. It’s my favorite. I have never been able to go so long without eating while maintaining my energy levels since incorporating more fat into my diet.

Increasing fat in my diet has been huge for me as my workload has been increasing drastically over the past few months.

With the focus on my clients, launching my website, writing blog posts, curating photos, connecting with you guys on Snapchat, and working my other full time job all while taking care of my heart and soul has been both a challenge and a gift.

It’s a gift because I am choosing myself.

And a challenge because I am still figuring out my time management. *All tips welcome!

While navigating through this journey I’ve needed ways to sustain my body’s energy and it’s mind, and what better way to do that than some brain-power fats!?

Fat is important in giving your brain it’s thinking power. Your brain uses fat to repair itself. A replenished brain means an increase in cell communication resulting in improved memory, better cognitive skills, happier moods, regulated hormones, and less sugar cravings. Long story short- get.on.the.bandwagon.

Artisana has these mini, single serving packs that are life savers. I tear open a little piece on the top and squeeze the yummy nut butters into my mouth. So easy.

In a perfect world, I’d be sitting being very mindfully and paying gratitude for the food I’m consuming. But sometimes, we improvise. This means lots and lots of eating in the car.

Artisana’s nut butters are organic, GMO free, Kosher, fair-trade and vegan. I stand behind them and their commitment to healthy and sustainable living wholeheartedly.

They have generously donated two full size nut butters and some squeeze packs for the launch of my website!

Fill out the give-away sheet here to win them! Be sure to following my Snapchat @soulwellnessmtd – I’ll be announcing the winners on there on May 4th. Tag a friend and follow @artisanaorganics and @soulwellnessmethod on Instgram to quality 🙂

(Continental US winners only)

I LOVE you guys!

Weekend blogging and fueling in my Athleta leggings <3

Weekend blogging and fueling in my Athleta leggings <3

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