Healthy Goodies for Happy Travel

I love to travel. Exploring new places lights me up. What’s even more exciting to me is planning and researching- it brings me such great pleasure. I search Instagram for hours, do a little pinning on Pinterest, read some blog posts, scroll through reviews, and get acquainted with the local map. If this doesn’t scream Virgo, I don’t know what does!

After the planning comes the prepping. I begin gathering my trusted snacks and products. I do this because my best trips are when I stick to a baseline of routines that are familiar to me and allow me to go out in whatever city I’m in and enjoy the unknown. When these things fall by the wayside, the discomfort of traveling becomes more apparent and I find that my neurosis start to shine through.

I personally have to bring snacks because I always want to keep my sugar levels stable or I become the hangriest (hungry/angry) girl you’ve ever met. And sometimes, you just can’t find a healthy option! Over time I’ve really been able to narrow down my favorite trusted items. Gone are the days of traveling with a huge bag full of food and products.

By being prepared, I can travel with less stress and more empowerment knowing that I’m completely in control of my body and energy levels at all times. By taking care of myself I’m able to feel and be my best as I adapt to the unknown.

Here’s an ongoing list of my favorite foods, and products I travel with & rely on:

SUNWARRIOR // I’ve been a big fan of SUNWARRIOR for quite some time.  SUNWARRIOR is really one of the few protein powders without fillers like soy, dairy, added sugars, and gluten. All of the ingredient and recognizable, and they taste delicious!

Artisana Nut Butter Packs // Fat is back. It’s my favorite. It’s super important for maintaining energy levels in your body and mind. Artisana makes it super easy to snack on the go. Just tear open and squeeze into your mouth. Organic, GMO free and delicious!


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