#POWEROFSHE // I’m a 2016 Ambassador for ATHLETA!!

I’m an Athleta Ambassador!!!!

I am so humbled and elated to make this announcement! Some of you who follow me know all the hard work and energy I’ve been putting into the beginning stages of my business. I wanted to share a bit of my journey before jumping into this one so I wrote a post about it here 🙂

The backstory

I have been doing some events with Athleta for the last few months with my good friend, Angelqiue Millis. She and I have been teaching classes the The Grove store where she teaches a 30-minute bootcamp and I speak on nutrition after.

I love working with Athleta because of all that they stand for, empowering women to feel and be their best. #POWEROFSHE is their slogan and boy do they stand behind it! They provide free weekend classes to get the community involved and the staff has been so supportive through this whole experience.

So when I found out they were taking applications for their Brand Ambassador program I knew I had to submit! I was actually really nervous about the fact that I’m not a fitness instructor, but I pushed through the doubt and entered anyway.

The Application

Athleta required a 10-min video submission and had sent questions to be answered in the video. I immediately begin planning the way I wanted to make my video. Have I ever made a video before? Sure haven’t! But when there’s a will there’s a way!

So I filmed my day-to-day around Los Angeles for a week and spent eight hours one night putting it all together. I woke up the next morning, blessed it, and hit send.

You can watch my application video above. (I feel so vulnerable sharing this with you guys!! )

Two weeks later…

Fast forward two weeks, I received an email from the store manager, Tara, asking me to come in to discuss future events. I obviously had been waiting to hear about my submission but I assumed at this point I didn’t get it. I was bummed, but thought to myself “okay, this isn’t my time”, plus I was happy they still wanted do fun events with me!

So I went in for my meeting this past week and Tara and I came up with an amazing event to hold at the store. I was about to leave and Tara asked me to hang out for a second as she had to put her notebook back in the office. When she came back out she told me she had something to show me…

I was standing right in front of one of the dressing rooms and she pulled the curtain back and this is what I saw!!!



At first I thought I just saw my reflection (which was actually the photo of me that Tara printed out). Then I thought I saw something I wasn’t supposed to see so I looked away fast. I WAS SO CONFUSED!! They surprised me so good!! Then once I realized I was so touched and speechless. I immediately hugged Tara and took in the moment.

Tara picked out the cutest, most soft outfit for me which I’m wearing in the top photo where I’m jumping for joy! She drove all the way to Moon Juice in Venice to buy me my favorite tonics which she knew about from looking at my Instagram!! How sweet!!!  If you live or have ever been to Los Angeles, you know that driving from The Grove to Venice and back is not an easy or quick trip!

I was just so touched by the thoughtfulness they put into my surprise. I really feel so special and humbled to be representing such an amazing company.

Life is good!

The timing of everything is so amazing as I am launching my brand new site next week. I am starting to feel like everything I’ve been working on is coming together, and I am just so grateful.

Athleta has some exciting things planned for all of the Ambassadors, some of which I don’t even know yet!

I’ll be sharing this amazing journey with Athleta on my blog, Instagram, and Snapchat for the next year, so I’d love if you joined me!

IG: @soulwellnessmethod
Snapchat: soulwellnessmtd
Twitter: @soulwellnessmtd

*For the launch of my new site, Athleta is generously donating a $50 gift card, a water bottle, and a towel to one winner!  I’m so so so excited for this day!! I’ll be announcing the winner on Snapchat @soulwellnessmtd on May 4th 2016. Tag a friend and be sure you’re following @athleta & @soulwellnessmethod to qualify. Here’s the contest form :) .

***Be sure to tag a friend & follow the brand you want to win on Instagram, and follow my Snapchat & IG page to qualify. LOVE you guys!

IG: @soulwellnessmethod
Snapchat: soulwellnessmtd
Twitter: @soulwellnessmtd

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