That Time I Froze My Butt off to Hack my Body’s Recovery Process

Some of you who follow me on Instagram and Snapchat know that I’m 100% back off sugar. I did this about a year ago and don’t really know why I stopped! I’m always very conscious about my sugar intake as I am very sensitive to it and can feel the insulin spike after a carb-heavy meal. This time I’m struggling a bit with a suppressed immune system that is showing itself in many different ways so right now sugar-free is the way for me.

In this time of transition I’m taking extremely good care of myself and working to lower stress and anxiety levels. This is hard for me because I actually purposely create a little stress because it helps me get my work done! But I’m committed to healing myself!

After giving up sugar for a week I had tremendous amounts of energy and was using it all on hiking, yoga, Pilates, dancing around my apartment, Tracy Anderston DVD’s- basically anything any everything that involves moving my body which naturally made me extremely sore. Enter Great Earth Sports in Brentwood Los Angeles. 

It’s amazing what comes into our lives when we most need it because that week I got an email from GESP inviting me in to try the facility!

I immediately made an appointment because who doesn’t love getting voluntarily frozen in a Cryo Chamber!?

I was greeted so warmly by Sally who explained everything to me in great detail. Each machine is used for various purposes to help with the recovery process and/or allows you to be more efficient in your workouts. They have a vast clientele ranging from Olympic athlete, marathon runner, and the person who hates working out but wants to do something healthy for their body. 

Here are the three things I tried:


Normatech sports recovery for circulation and muscle recovery

NORMATECH COMPRESSION // My legs were super sore so we decided to target them during this service. I sat down and my legs and feet were put into a snug “pant leg” (see picture), I was sealed up, and the machine was turned on. There was some pressure like a blood pressure machine and then there was A LOT of pressure. Not bad, or good, just a lot. I could actually feel the pulse in my leg! 

This machine is meant to speed the body’s recovery process by massaging/squeezing using three different pressures. I was a but skeptical but the next day I had no soreness. Pretty awesome. 

Bring a book and relax for the 20 mins, or grab a remote and watch the TV they have inside. I prefer the book *wink*. 


Cryotherapy sports recovery at Great Earth Sport in Brentwood, CA

CYROTHERAPY // I did Cryo on my birthday last year so I knew what to expect. Since then Cryotherpy has gotten even more attention and I have learned a lot more since then which made me even more excited to do it again!

Professional athletes, recreational athletes, Bulletproof’s Dave Asprey, and people with injury/pain are just some of the people who swear by it. The old way of achieving the anti-infammaory results similar to cryo is through ice baths. 

I loved the extra care GESP’s took before going in the chamber. They took my blood pressure to be sure my body could handle it. Cryo is a major shock to the body, so any irregularities could do damage to the body instead of helping. 

I find it really helpful to talk while using the Cryo machine, and Sally was happy to chat with me. This makes the two and a half minutes go by really fast, and you’re able to concentrate on something else other than the fact that you’re in a -260*f chamber!

If there’s one thing you should try here it’s this! It really wakes you up and makes you feel super bad-ass. Plus the health benefits are off the chart!

CVAC // This machine looks like you’re stepping into a giant egg. There’s a beverage holder, armrests, and they give you a walkie-talkie in case you need anything. I can’t tell you how excited I was just about the walk-talkie! I mean when was the last time you used a walkie-talkie!?

The CVAC works to improve your health on a cellular level. It takes you into different levels of pressure similar to what you’d feel on an airplane. There a monitor thats visible while inside that shows you the different altitudes it’s taking you on all why remaining in one place. The CVAC helps to improve oxygen utilization which has many benefits including waste removal, and the way you’r body uses energy. Many runners report improvement in their endurance between their rounds of CVAC. 


Posture Zone // Why don’t more places have this chart?!

GESP also offers cardiovascular endurance assessments, massage therapy, sports nutrition, and this really simple chat that allows your to see where your imbalances are in the body. Check out my right shoulder compared to my left!

I loved my experience at Great Earth Sports and love that they’re in my neighborhood! Now that I know I can hack my body’s recovery process I’ll be there more often! 

They’re offering you guys a complimentary NORMATECH session. Just mention Soul Wellness Method when you make you’re appointment! Here’s their website for contact info // IG: gesp_brentwood

I’d love to hear what you think about sport recovery, and LA locals let me know what you think of the NORMATECH!


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Lots of love to you!

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