Top Ten Places to Stay Fit and Healthy in NYC

I knew I was going home to New York for the holidays all of last year, so I began gathering a list of places to check out during the trip. I wasn’t able to get to every spot, but with only 5 days in Manhattan, I conquered a lot! I had the best time exploring my city and trying new spots. Here they are!



Y7 Yoga

25 W 23rd St


Talk about getting rid of jetlag! I headed to their Flatiron location right after I arrived in NYC. I knew the class was taught in a dark room with hip-hop as the music of choice but had no idea how dark it really was! Balance is one of my strong points (thank you 15 years of ballet) but it’s crazy how when you can’t really see, you can’t really balance! Funny thing about that.

Class was really hot, and it took me a little to get used to the dark space but once we got flowing I loved it. Our instructor, Courtney was super encouraging about doing what feels best for our bodies and empowered us to add or take away asanas to her flow. I’m a big lover of hip-hop so when she cranked up the volume I was in the zone.

I ended up going again on my last day in New York. I felt like I was starting to get in the groove during my second class- I had much better balance and was beginning to understand the structure of their class. Y7 was a great way to bookend my trip and get grounded.  

P.S. They have mat rentals for $2 which was great for the traveling yogi I was! 

Barry’s Bootcamp

419 Lafayette St.


I’ve taken Barry’s in LA so I knew what to expect. I joined a few friends at the Nolita location, which was huge! They have a great space to hang out before and after class with juices and some really cute retail therapy. Locker rooms are clean and stocked with MALIN & GOETZ.

Courtney Paul was our trainer- funny, motivating, and a smart-ass in the best possible way! It was a hard class and a great time!


212 Bowery


If you want the total opposite experience of Barry’s this is the class. In a way, it’s a lot harder. I haven’t had a workout this mindful since my dancing days. The class is calm, and detail oriented with everyone moving together. The space is beautiful- clean and bright, with a boutique feel that makes you feel like you’re at your chic best friend’s home studio.

I cannot say enough about this workout, it did something to me. Come to LA already!



The Butchers Daughter

19 Kenmare St.


This is such a great spot. So great that they’re opening in Los Angeles. Their avocado toast is deemed the best in New York City. They have juices, wine, and vegan and vegetarian options. The vibe follows suit in the neighborhood with a super chill crowd and an easygoing staff.  The space is bright and rustic and the bathroom smells amazing. There’s a retail shop next store selling t-shirts with produce puns, their signature scented candle (the one in the bathroom), and tonic elixirs from Anima Mundi. If you’re downtown, this is a great spot to stop for breakfast, lunch, and happy hour.

Egg Shop

151 Elizabeth St.


Literally across the street from The Butchers Daughter, this is the best place to head for eggs (obvs). I love eggs and their plethora of benefits so coming here and having to pick what to order was overwhelming for me! It was a weekend morning on one of the coldest days, but that didn’t stop the waitlist from hanging out outside. I ended up getting a gluten- free avocado egg sandwich to-go and sat on the stoop of the apartment building next door despite the cold. 

I love the concept of this restaurant offering organic and locally sourced eggs all day long. There’s a full bar here so if you’re looking to have that kind of weekend while still maintaining a healthy diet, head to Egg Shop. 

Dimes Times

49 Canal St.


I have yet to make a trip down to Chinatown to grab lunch with a friend. I discovered Dime’s on Instagram with their beautiful eyecatching dishes. When I walked in I noticed a moon-phases poster on the wall by the window and the minimalistic décor and kind of felt like I was in LA. There was a wait the whole time I was there, which is always a good sign, especially at a destination spot on a cold day that is a good 10 min walk away from the subway! It has the kind of vibe that makes you want to chat all day with your friends and the tables next to you, which is exactly what we did.  Of course, it helped that they were playing the kind of hip-hop you hear at a nightclub on a Thursday night in the middle of the day on a Saturday.  

This is the perfect spot for the health conscious friend to eat with the not so healthy conscious friend. There’s something here for everyone.


185 Bleeker St.


AHHH. Insert praise emoji hands here. My sister and I met our friend before attending a matinee of WICKED. We walked down Bleeker and knew we had reached our destination when we saw the chic black–and-white striped awning. Located close to NYU and walking distance from SoHo shopping, one can find a pretty fashion forward crowd here.

I love this place for presenting vegan food in a chill, non-dogmatic way. You’ll find burgers, baked fries, salads, cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and amazing baked goods. They can make most items gluten-free. This a must on any NYC list!

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

ACE Hotel

18 W 29th St


I love this place. The space has a great design aesthetic while maintaining a no- frills vibe. Located in the cool ACE Hotel, you can grab a coffee in the cafe and head into the lobby for great people-watching.

For those of you who follow my instagram, you know I’ve recently gotten back into coffee. I stopped drinking coffee years ago after a semester in college and only drank green tea after that. I ended up quitting caffeine in the beginning of 2015 but after learning about the Bulletproof lifestyle, I wanted to try what all the fuss was about.

Bulletproof coffee and diet puts an emphasis on the quality of food and coffee. Mold is very prevalent in conventional coffee brands and robs your body and brain of its energy.

Stumptown is high-quality organic coffee that I trust and get a great buzz from. (I carry a little travel size Brain Octaine and put a little in my Almond Latte). If you’re downtown check out their West Village location.


NoMad Location: 1164 Broadway


Great spot! They have locations in many major cities but love this one because the neighborhood needs it! Sweetgreen offers super easy and delicious food. They pride themselves on locally sourced, sustainable, and organic produce. I headed here after Y7 Yoga and before catching my train back to Long Island at Penn Station. This is a great addition to the area that is becoming more gentrified with creatives and techies but is still saturated with fast food joints, and a lot of hustle and bustle. I’ve told my friends and family on the island to check it out, as it’s a great place to have a quick, healthy meal before or after their ride on the Long Island Rail Road. They have seven locations in NYC- some being Union Square, Upper West Side, and TriBeCa.

Hu Kitchen



Paleo heaven.  Their slogan is “Get back to human”- to get back to the way humans ate before industry ruined food. I LOVE this and believe in this wholeheartedly. I always get a macha latte and something from the mashbar or a grain-free bowl. There’s some seating near the front and more upstairs. They’re super transparent in their ingredients and they steer clear of ingredients like –sugars, emulsifiers, GMOs, and gluten. It’s such a relief to be able to come here and trust that I’m eating the purest food possible.

I hope you enjoyed this list! Feel free to reach out to me with any questions. If you guys have any suggestion other great healthy NYC spots let me know!!

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