Emily Fletcher: The Ultimate Brain Hack: Better Sleep, Better Performance & Better Sex through Meditation

Emily is the founder of Ziva Meditation who discovered meditation during her time on Broadway. She was once the understudy for three leads in A Chorus Line and there were times that she didn’t know who she was playing until she got on the stage! Talk about stress! She was living her dream but she wasn’t happy. One day, another actress who was an understudy for four roles (and always calm and happy) invited Emily to a meditation class. This is what she had been missing all along. After experiencing the profound physical and mental benefits of meditation, Emily is now one of the world’s leading experts of meditation and teaches it full time.

“Cooking and exercise are not meditation. That’s why they have their own words”

— Emily Fletcher

Emily teaches the style of Vedic Meditation.  A technique developed in India 5,000 years ago for people who are fully engaged in life. In other words, it’s for people like you and me who are living full and busy lives. Emily explained that during meditation our brains are different than they are at a waking state. In our waking state we use the right and left brain separately. Left for our more logical thinking- past, future, money, language etc. Right for our creativity- our present, music, color, problem solving etc. Through mediation we are able to access all areas of the brain making it easier to access different parts in stressful situations. Stress is a huge factor in our lives and the perception of happiness. Emily explained that every time we are stressed its like opening a new window on the computer screen. Eventually this overworks the computer, slowing down all of its functions.

The chemical reaction in our body to our stress hormone cortisol is still the same as it was thousands of years ago except now we get stressed over Facebook, or driving in LA traffic. In flight or fight mode acid seeps into our skin so we don’t taste good to predators. Our blood coagulates to stop the bleeding. Immunity shuts down, and our bowels excrete to make us lighter so we can run. Wow! Our bodies are so amazingly complicated and perfect.

Emily explained that our body does not act in accordance to what it knows, it acts in accordance to what it’s feeling. Therefore, we can use mediation as a tool to feel our best and therefore be our very best.

Stress & Sex

High level’s of cortisol in our bloodstream leads to more stress and belly fat. It speeds up the aging process and makes us tired! According to Emily, the # 1 reason couples don’t have enough sex is because they’re too tired. In addition, when cortisol levels are high in men it effects their vascular functions and causes erectile disfunction. In women, they are physically unable to achieve orgasm. They also have issues reproducing because the body thinks that it’s in great danger, the type it could have been in living in the wild thousands of years ago, so it’s unable to carry a child because the body puts all of the attention on the safety of the woman.

Emily explained that we have something called mirror neurons. This is the reason why pornography is such a big industry because these mirror neurons allow us to experience what others are feeling. This is extremely interesting to me. She explained that through a constant meditation practice we become better lovers by being able to be more intuitive with what are partners are feeling and wanting, and we start to enjoy the generous act.

“Meditation gives you access to your bliss and fulfillment in the only place they exist. Inside you. ”

— Emily Fletcher

Emily says, it’s not magic, it’s not a miracle, it’s a return on investment. Use meditation as a time to check in and ask yourself “how is nature guiding and using me to go where it’s blissful?”

Mediation floods the brain with serotonin and dopamine and allows us to be happy in our selves. It stops us from being needy and sucking from other people. It gets us to a point of wanting to be of service- to contribute more, to compliment more, to bring laugher to others, and talk to someone who is alone.  It moves us from the positive and away from the negative.


  • Emily isn’t a fan of setting an alarm because it jolts you our of your meditation. Instead she suggests getting into the habit of setting your internal clock.
  • Meditation can help a lot with jetlag. In fact, Emily says she is never jetlaged. But you’ll have to meditate a little longer than usual when traveling to reap the benefits.
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